About Me

portfolio_galleria_BC_1cI was born in 1977 in Poland where I studied architecture at The Silesian University of Technology and now live and work in London. Despite my architectural education, art has always been present in my life and has a significant influence on my perception of the world. I inherited the love and passion for art and painting from my mother which started my journey into art.  After taking a break in order to concentrate on architecture I returned to creating artwork and focused on abstract painting and life drawing.  Art and the creative process of articulating abstract thoughts fascinates me and I am constantly discovering new areas in art which I want to explore.

Artist Statement


As an artist, I seek to create dramatic impressions through strong contrast, vibrant colours, dense mass of paint and various textures.Recently, I have concentrated on more abstract painting, which is my expression of the contemplation of life and the reflection of our inner world. My art  is about feelings and emotions which everyone holds deep inside; about dreams and hope…about passion and joy….about loneliness, fear and loss.
The layers of paint on canvas through colours, textures and shapes articulate the essence of our abstract thoughts and feelings. There are some elements of my paintings formed by “uncontrolled paint movements”.  Allowing paint to go its own way, to naturally fill the canvas add a unique, unexpected element to my work. It is like in life, there is always a hint of mystery…you never know what it can bring or take away.
Earlier works were more focused on abstract and semi-abstract forms inspired by the beauty of nature and the surrounding landscape. By working mostly from memory, I was transforming realistic scenes into an abstract combination of solid forms. These forms were broken by a layer of transparent paint and strong marks, which metamorphosed from what was landscape into much more undefined scenes.

Method of work


I work mostly with acrylic and oil mediums, using an impasto technique allow me to create a powerful mixture of colours, and to build up a density of mass and form. By manipulating the oil or acrylic paints with various modelling mediums, I build textures and shapes to create a sense of depth.  I prefer to work on larger canvases and create strong palette knife marks and brush strokes.I work a lot in charcoal, pencils and ink to create sketches and life drawing on paper.